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Tumble Tots

18 months - 3 years old
(30 min)

Tumble Tots

Child must have a parent or guardian that can assist the child with class.  

The goal for this class is to provide exposure to the gym and its equipment.  Basic skills such as jumping, climbing, or swinging will be incorporated.  Following the warm up is a short series of stretches combined with an introduction to different positions that gymnasts use. The entire class will do what we refer to as 'down and backs' which consists of various jumps and skills such as frog hops, bunny hops, and bear walks. Learning, practicing, and developing the strength to effectively complete these foundation skills will be critical when advancing into skills that require strength for neck protection such as forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Each class ends with a few minutes for the gymnasts to pick their favorite event to work on.

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