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Competitive Teams

Alpena Gymnastics

Competitive Teams

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2 hours

Pre-Team Requirements-

Class requires a chin-up pull over, back hip circle and dismount.  In addition, the gymnast must be able to do a lever on the high beam, and a kick over with a light spot on the floor. Gymnasts will start to learn the level one gymnastic routine for all four events

Team 1 Requirements-

Gymnasts must test into Team 1.
(2- 4 hours per week)

Gymnast must be able to independently complete a back bend kick over on floor and a pull over and back hip circle and dismount on the bars to progress into this class.  Each gymnast will learn and perform level 1 routines for the floor, vault, beam, and uneven bars.   

Eligible for In-House Meet.

Additional Requirements include backward roll, back hip circle, dismount  and kick over (light spot). 

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2.5 hours

Team level 2, and higher will take an average of 2 school years to advance to the next level.


Team 2 Requirements-

Gymnasts must test into team 2 .  
(practice 2.5 - 5 hours per week)

Gymnast will complete level 2 routines for the floor, vault, beam, and uneven bars.  Must be able to complete a back walkover, perfect round-off to advance into this class.  For the bar, must be able to complete front hip circle, squat on.

Eligible for  In-House Meet 

Requirements include bar routine, Kick over with out a spot, and perfected round off. 

Team 3 Requirements-

Gymnasts must test into team 3 .  

Gymnast will compete Level 3 routines on all 4 events.

Eligible In-House Meet 

Requirements include back handspring, Splits all the way down, strong vault, and perfect Team 2 bar routine.

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AAU (must be invited)

2 or 2.5 hours

(practice 3x/week) 


The AAU team is a competitive team run by Geri Samp and Billy Brousseau.  Gymnasts must have Team 3 skills in order to be considered for AAU. The AAU team will compete is several Michigan meets as well as Nationals which has been in several states including Tennessee and  Florida.

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