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Alpena Gymnastics


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Beginner Aerial Silk 

Advanced Aerial Silk

Adult Aerial Silk

 9 & Up

Introducing the basic skills of aerial silk. Students will stay low to the ground working on their strength and body awareness. Students will perform a short series of skills during the spring show.

 9 & Up

This class is for students who have mastered the basic skills and are ready for the next level.  You must be invited  by Kim or Leah.  These students will also perform a routine in the Spring Show! 

Adults ONLY

Thursdays 7-8 p.m. 
Learn the dynamic skills on the aerial silk with Kim.  Kim can explain each skill and teach you each piece of the move. This will allow you do the seemingly impossible!   Enjoy the freedom in the air. 

Intermediate Aerial Silk

 9 & Up

Students have mastered the beginner silk skills.  Intermediate silk students will continue to perfect the skills they already know, in addition to learning the intermediate skills.  Students must have good concentration and listening skills to be invited to this intermediate level.  Students will perform at the spring show.

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