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Alpena Gymnastics


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Intro into Gymnastics

Ages 5 & Up


Must demonstrate good listening and waiting skills. This class contains a variety of levels for those new to the sport or those who have been progressing from preschool classes. The gymnasts will be introduced to warming up, stretching as a group, individual skills, and participate in a group conditioning game.  The individual skills at this level consist of handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls, pull overs on the bar, turns on the beam, and vault exposure.

Ninja Warrior Class

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Ages 5 & Up


Alpena Gymnastics was able to purchase the master ninja system from resilite with fundraising and community grants.  This class starts with a warm up and stretch.  Then it beaks up into groups to complete ninja challenges.  Then each participant gets several chances to complete the ninja obstacle course. Each week the obstacle course changes to keep each child challenged. 

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Ages 5 & Up


Intermediate Requirements-

This class is one step up from the Intro class with more emphasis on strength and form. Requirements include cartwheel, forward roll, split handstand, bridge kick over from low mat, and chin pull over with light spot. 

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